Cotton Sarees


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Cotton is made of pure material which is a fluffy material and it takes the shape of ball which has protection layer at the exterior. When the exterior layer breaks, dispersion of cotton seeds takes place. Then spinning of cotton takes place which can be used in creation of various fabrics. It is the most widely used natural fiber for making textiles as India is second largest producer of cotton in world.


Indian cotton silk sarees are worn as daily wear or casual or festive wear. It is worn during all festival seasons like Holi, Diwali and others. Cotton is usually preferred more as it is supple, light weight, airy and comfortable material. The versatility of this material makes it easy choice for housewives as well as working women in India. We have great varieties and large number of designs of online shopping of cotton sarees. Here at TFM, our collection we have bright colours and attractive designs which attracts people of all ages including youngsters and teenagers. Our vast collection is great attraction on our website. TFM is the best place and one stop solution for your urge to buy cotton silk sarees.