7 Reasons Why Women love Printed Kurtis?

 Mahesh  2017-07-22 Printed Kurite

Indian ladies have an extensive variety of options as long as dresses are concerned. While the sarees, salwar suits and lehengas are constantly in vogue, the Indianized western look has been grasped by numerous a ladies, particularly in their everyday lives. Matching a savvy sleeveless top with a long cotton skirt with Kalamkari prints or wearing your most loved pants with a Kurti of your decision could be an extraordinary approach to show your multicultural attribute! Due to these reasons, kurtis are quite trendy in today’s generation.

Summer Special: 8 types of Cotton Kurtis to beat the heat

 Mahesh Bachchhav  2017-05-05 Cotton Kurtis

Summers call for flowy white and pastel coloured kurtas. Young ladies feel greater and look stunning wearing cotton kurtas with gleaming border and plans. Try different things with your own style by blending up your cotton kurtas with leggings, jeans, and palazzo and so on. There are different styles of kurtas accessible in the market.

8 Fashion Trends for 2017

 Mahesh Bachchhav  2017-04-29 Fashion Trends

It's a great opportunity to anticipate statement sleeves, investor stripes and form picks from the 1980s this season, says a specialist. 1. Ruffles Ruffles will be the pattern of 2017. It gives a sentimental vibe to your outfit. The time has come to go for organized high-design ruffles with wearability.

10 fashion tips to surely make you a fashionista in 2017

 Ganesh Thakre  2017-04-24 Fashion Trends

Fashion in the realm of today is not implied for just Bollywood big names and runway models. Media has presented average folks to the universe of fashion. TV, daily papers, web, and every single other mean of correspondence have presented individuals to the perpetually changing fashion patterns, getting refreshed in each season. Ladies from each stroll of imitate the designs by first class fashion designers. As we probably are aware, fashion changes with each period of year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cotton Clothes

 Mahesh Bachchhav  2017-04-18 Cotton Clothes

World uses cotton fabric the most. The main purpose of growing cotton is to make cloth. Other parts of cotton plant are used in various other things like food production, paper products and plastic. Normally our closets and drawers are filled with cotton clothes like T-shirts, sweaters, jeans etc. Cotton cloth is also not so perfect and it has some disadvantages too.

How to take care of your Beautiful leggings?

 Ganesh Thakre  2017-04-15 Leggings

It is important to take care of your soft and beautiful leggings. These leggings are made of very soft cotton so they need to be taken care softly. These leggings can also be used as the workout wear. They are highly stretchable. They regain their firmness once they are brought back to normal position. Cotton is breathable, soft and dries easily.

Tips to consider before buying leggings online

 Ganesh  2017-04-15 Leggings

Leggings are a common and usual item for women of today. Mostly each woman owns leggings as an essential part of their wardrobe. As per an estimate more than 75% of people from age over 15 years have bought something or other online. Estimates also state that people prefer online buying the things that they are familiar with. Leggings are one among them.

Trends for traditional Indian wear in 2017

 Ravi Makwana  2017-04-15 Fashion Trends

Stoles, kurtas with slits and asymmetric edges will be the most fashionable thing in 2017. It is said that ethnic wear will get makeover in future and they will be used as a different way of styling. As per the fashion experts, in the coming season, the trend will be to modernize the Indian wear and indianise the western wear.

Specialty of Indian Fabric

 Ravi Makwana  2017-04-15 Fashion Trends

Textile industry in India provides huge employment opportunities for large number of people. India is famous worldwide for its textile business since ages. The growth of this business traces back to Indus Valley Civilization. At that time, people use to spin cotton at home and export it to other countries for preparing garments.

Importance of wearing ethnic clothes at Family functions and Festivals

 Mahesh Bachchhav  2017-04-14 Ethnic Wear

Wardrobe of every man and woman is incomplete without the traditional and ethnic wear. Casually, everyone prefers wearing western clothes as they feel comfortable in them, but staying rooted to the culture is also very important. Fashion and dressing sense are important at social gatherings and family functions.